Our Crest

The college emblem consists of a Lighted Candle on a Lotus with Mountain Peaks in the background, encircled by a fold of Twelve stars with an inscription on the lotus “THAMASOMA JYOTHIRGAMAYA” of the Brihadaranyakopanishad.

The Lighted Candle represents the Divine; it also symbolizes wisdom, selfless review, truth and sacrifice. The conical shape of the flame points to the metaphysical subtlety of wisdom. Egyptian pyramids and Gothic churches declare this truth. The twelve stars Represent Mary, the Immaculate Virgin as described in the book of Revelation (12:1). The Mountain Peaks indicate greatness and the physical surrounding of the college. Thus the stars and the Mountain together frame the name of the college NIRMALAGIRI, THE HILL OF THE IMMACULATE. The Lotus symbolizes Indian culture, life’s purity and its divine basis and dependence on God.