Our Uniqueness

Nirmalagiri, the nostalgia of thousands of its alumini, has several features unique to it. The name ‘Nirmalagiri’, literally meaning Immaculate Hill, is the home to some of the best educational institutions in Kerala, known by the same name. It is managed by the reverend fathers of the Archdiocese of Thalassery of the Roman Catholic Church.

The characteristic call of a Catholic – “Go and Teach” – is embodied in every “tiny particle” of this college. This college stands head and shoulders above others as a monument of achievement of the Syrian Catholics of Malabar, who were farmers and peasants. They had migrated from a land of plenty, south of their present land to a land of wilderness. This drastically changed land is now a favourite place for masses.

Our college, situated on the “Immaculate Hill” is a blessing of nature. It is one of the cleanest campuses in Kerala, with plenty of fresh air and clean water, essential for any institution of learning. Our spacious campus means we have immense opportunities for development, which is an ongoing process.

Rail, road and air connectivity is another major advantage of Nirmalagiri. A railway station is just within 20 km of our institution. The college situated by the side of the Thalassery-Coorg highway has almost round-the-clock bus service at its doorsteps. Kannur International Airport is within 15 kilometres of our campus. Connectivity makes our campus unique and makes it a ‘hub’ of higher education and research.

Finally, our campus is under the constant vigilance of “Our Lady of Nirmalagiri” the divine blessing and inspiration to all staff and students to achieve excellence.