• The college is affiliated to Kannur University. The evaluation scheme for each course shall contain two parts; (a) External Evaluation and (b) Internal Assessment. 20% weight shall be given to the internal assessment. The remaining 80% weight shall be for the external evaluation. Evaluation (both Internal and External) is carried out using Mark System instead of direct grading. The end semester examinations are conducted as per the schedule provided by the university.

  • Kannur University Examination Portal
  • Internal Examinations will be conducted by the concerned subject teachers as they form one of the main components of the internal assessment. Terminal/Model Examinations are also being conducted by the Examination Committee constituted by the College so that the students are familiar with the examination pattern of the University and also practice effective time management.
  • Malpractices in the examination will be seriously dealt with.
  • Scholarships/Prizes, concessions/Students Aid Fund will be awarded only to those students who appear for the internal/terminal examinations and test papers of the college.
  • Regular attendance is a part of internal assessment.