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Dr. Rani Varghese delivered an excellent overview of the Mangrove biodiversity. She explained to the students the status, services and ecological importance of this unique ecosystem type. She also shared future prospects and the current research topics/areas in Mangroves. The talk began at 10.00 on the 4th, Wednesday of August, 2021. More than 67 students participated in the webinar.

Mangrove biodiversity

An invited lecture on “Viral Zoonoses” was delivered by Dr. Jobin Jose Kattoor, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Animal Disease Diagnosis Laboratory, Division of Comparative Pathobiology, Purdue University. More than 75 students and alumni of the Department participated in the webinar. Dr. Ousephachan KV, Principal Nirmalagiri College and Dr. Jimly C Jacob (HoD, Zoology) were present during the meeting.

Viral Zoonoses

An invited lecture was organized for students of the department on the 8th of June 2021. The session was handled by Ms. Anju R, Research Scholar, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) Cochin. She is also an alumni of the Department of Zoology, Nirmalagiri College.

Ocean Biodiversity

A talk on Biodiversity Conservation was delivered by Sri. Sudheesh A.T., Project Fellow, Kerala State Biodiversity Board. The talk covered various aspects of ecology and biodiversity. Importance of organisms to the environment, the ecological services, behaviour of animals and the need for environment conservation, biodiversity conservation etc. were points of discussion. All students from the Dept. of Zoology and other interested students participated.

Biodiversity Conservation