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Research Highlights

  • The College offers a conducive environment for research, knowledge dissemination and maintains a research culture within the campus.
  • The College has facilities for research in 5 disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Malayalam and History. 13 of our faculty members served as research guides during the past five years. 6 faculty from other institutions are registered as research guides in our research centres. At present there are 40 research scholars pursuing their PhD under our faculty members and at our research centres and 24 students have been awarded PhD.
  • The faculty members have brought Rs.2,33,58,080/- through research-related funding to the College during the last five years. Over the last five years the faculty members have published 107 research articles in reputed journals and the top-rated publication was in a journal with 9.221 impact factor. 35 books/book chapters have also been published by faculty members.
  • There are 7 faculty members with an h-index of 10 and above and two with h-index of >15 and three with >750 citations. Many publications have a direct impact on society such as ‘utility of nano-materials in preparing sensors for nano-molar scale detection of neuro-transmitters’ and ‘erecting a new family of a gondwanan relic subterranean fish’. Many of the research publications are collaborative efforts with scientists from external institutes and there are 28 external research linkages.
  • More than 100 seminars/workshops were organised in the College during the last five years
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Research Updates


Research Article: Dr. Nygil Thomas

The development of robust, highly efficient, inexpensive electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is very necessary to minimize the ove

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